Pink Camo Iron On Vinyl Tutorial

In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness during the month of October, Roeshel of DIY Show Off created a beautiful shirt using our pink camo iron on vinyl for her sister currently battling breast cancer. If you want to show your support and help raise awareness during the month of October for those who have been affected by Breast Cancer, visit

Happy Crafters pink camo iron-on vinyl tutorial:

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

You’ll need:

• T-Shirt

• Pink Camo Patterned Iron-on Vinyl from Happy Crafters

• Vinyl Cutter

• Weeding Tool

• House Iron

• Scrap Fabric for Heat Application

How to Make This Project:

1. First, I started by creating and sizing my design using my Silhouette Design Studio software.  Next, MIRROR/FLIP YOUR DESIGN (right click, “flip horizontally”)!  This is an important step!

mirror image vinyl design

2. With the pattern side facing down, load vinyl sheet into your machine.

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

3. Send the design and ‘cut’.

4. Once it’s done cutting, weed the excess material.

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

5. Place design onto t-shirt. sticky side down

6. Cover design with a cotton dishcloth or a piece of scrap cotton fabric. Iron on a high temperature, pressing down firmly for about 25-30 seconds on each part of the design for full coverage

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

7. Remove the clear carrier away from your design

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

I repeated the same steps to adhere a small design to the back of the t-shirt as well

Here it is all finished!

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

Here’s the design on the back:

Iron On Vinyl t-shirt Tutorial at

Check out the other patterns available too! *This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own.



Get Crafty for Father’s Day

What kind of dad do you have? Is he a sports nut, the next golf pro, a green thumb, or is he the standard couch potato? No worries. Happy Crafters has the tools you need to create the ideal gift for whoever your dad may be. Check out some great ideas we gathered for the dad in our lives.

First: The Gift

Try out our iron-on vinyl for this first project idea. Find an old, plain ball cap (make sure it fits, dad’s tend to grow) or even a new one, just so long as its blank on the front.

Create a design on your computer using our software program (super easy to download to your computer), could be a favorite sports team, race car driver logo, favorite band, anything.

Insert your heat transfer sheet into your vinyl cutter (any kind will do) and press “cut”. Leave only the desired design on the on the backing – remove access material using your hook tool.

Place on hat, design side down, cover with a piece of fabric (this keeps your design from sticking to the iron), and press down with a hot iron for 30-45 seconds.

Boom! Dad can show off his brand new hat knowing it wasn’t bought, but made from the heart.

**Bonus idea: This works great on a plain golf towel too. Dad will be proud to show off your talents on the green with a personalized golf ball towel!

For the more laid back, taking it easy kind of dad, take a plain glass mug or coffee mug and cut out your created design onto our adhesive vinyl. Make a phrase or cut out a famous dad quote, even a favorite song or movie star quote, something you know dad will like. Place on your glass or mug so when dad is hanging out, relaxing on the couch, sipping on his favorite mug, he’ll be thinking of you! Find silly pictures, symbols, photographs, anything just take an idea and run with it!

Second: The Card and Wrapping

This is where the real creativity begins. We’ve all seen the standard Hallmark cards but most don’t exactly portray who your dad really is. That’s why our collection of cardstock and specialty paper is perfect for constructing a card that is just right. Using any design you can think of and your vinyl cutter (yes, these bad boys can cut through paper and vinyl), you can create some pretty awesome father’s day cards.

Once you have the card ready to go, pair it with a plain gift bag. Cut out a similar design and stick on the gift bag. Or create a unique gift bag tag to hang on the straps. Once you get the ball rolling, there are endless possibilities – you won’t want to stop!

Still need ideas?!  Go to our Pinterest page and check out our “Crafting Father’s Day” board! Follow Us