DIY Holiday Deer Decal

DIY Vinyl Holiday Label Decal Tutorial

Deer lotion bottle DIY vinyl decal


• Bottle of Moisturizing Lotion

• Gold Adhesive Vinyl from Happy Crafters

• Transfer Paper


• Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter

First, remove the label from your lotion bottle.

lotion bottle decal tutorial

I purchased deer head art through my Silhouette Software and used Helvetica font for my letters. I created my design to measure about 3″ x 3″ to fit my lotion bottle. I put in my the vinyl color side up and changed the Silhouette blade settings for cutting standard vinyl and sent to ‘cut’.

cutting vinyl decals

Weed away the vinyl surrounding your desired design.

deer decal

Using transfer paper, I took my credit card and rubbed firmly onto my design to lift it off my carrier sheet.

vinyl decal label tutorial

Pull away the carrier.

vinyl decal label tutorial

Next, place your transfer paper with your decal on it onto the front of the lotion bottle and rub the design again with a a credit card. If your vinyl doesn’t want to stick to your bottle, re-apply and rub again.

lotion label decal

Peel away the transfer paper.

Vinyl lotion label decal DIY

Now you have cute guest room accessory!

Deer lotion bottle DIY vinyl decal

Or a cute little personalized DIY gift for friends or family, or maybe as a teacher gift?!

DIY gifts
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Thanksgiving Jars Tutorial


This year for Thanksgiving, I wanted to show off what I am most thankful for: my new crafting skills! I love the country, rustic look so I thought cute mason jars using adhesive vinyl would be great with my Thanksgiving decor. I made these cute sayings to keep everyone in the thankful spirit round the table.

Materials I Used:
• OraCal 651 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl Brown – Small
• (4) Mason Jars
• Roll of Twine
• LED Candle Lights
• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter

*I found my jars, twine and candle lights at Michaels’ Craft Store

Project Time:
20 minutes

After I designed my phrases in my Silhouette Software, I measured how much space I needed on my jars and sized my letters to match. Once they were at the right size, I sent my designs to my Silhouette and cut.

Next, I cut enough transfer paper for each phrase, smoothed it out over top of my sheet of vinyl using a credit card then peeled the paper back revealing only what I wanted to apply.

Next, I just stuck my transfer paper with my phrase straight onto my jars. Smoothed again using my credit card and peeled the transfer paper right off. I tied my twine along the rim of the Mason jar and popped my LED candle lights into the bottom of the jar.

Then I repeated these same steps for my remaining jars.

Once they were done, I finally found the motivation to take down my Halloween decorations and put up my Thanksgiving display.

Hoping these jars spark some happy conversation around the dinner table! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! Gobble, Gobble!

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“Save the Racks” Tutorial

In honor of the annual Breast Cancer Walk in my home town, I decided to make a custom sweatshirt to wear and show off my pink proudly. I saw an idea similar to this from last year and wanted to try it myself this year.

What you’ll need:

• Happy Face Pattern Iron On Vinyl – Pink Camo

• Happy Face Glitter Iron On Vinyl – Tutu Pink Bling

• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter

• Silhouette Software

• Standard Iron

• Sheet or Piece of Scrap Fabric

Project Time:

• 30 minutes

First, I found deer antlers, a Breast Cancer ribbon, and text, vectorized, and uploaded it to my Silhouette Software.


Always remember to mirror images before cutting..

Next, send your designs to your vinyl cutter. Be sure you have the right vinyl for the right cut job. I cut my pink camo vinyl first, then my tutu pink bling vinyl. Since my bling vinyl is thicker than my camo, I adjusted my cutting blade to a “3” instead of a “1” and it cut perfectly.

Finally, start ironing! You need to make sure your iron is or the hottest setting possible. The bling vinyl was being difficult because my iron was not hot enough. But with some more pressing time, it worked out perfectly!


Slowly pull off the carrier while it’s still warm and you’re finished!


My friends were in amazed at how cute it turned out and I may have converted them over to the craft side!

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Personalized Halloween Treat Bags

If you haven’t had a good reason yet to revamp your kids’ trick-or-treat bags, check this project out! Roeshel of DIY Show Off shows us how to create these fun, personalized bags for trick-or-treating! Keep them around for the whole month as a school tote or sleep over bag!

DIY personalized trick or treat bags


DIY personalized trick or treat bags

• Canvas/Linen Tote Bags

• Fabric Paints

• FrogTape® Shape Tape (I used all 3 patterns: chevron, wave and scallop)

• Stencils (I created my own stencils using glossy black vinyl and transfer paper from Happy Crafters)

Tutorial: Part 1 – Shape Tape

Iron the tote bags to remove wrinkles. Insert cardboard into the tote bag (to block bleed-through to the other side). Cut a piece of FrogTape Shape tape a little wider than the bag. Decide placement. Remove half of the strip of wax paper backing from the Shape Tape. Position and press into place. Remove the other half of the wax paper backing and smooth into place. I found that securing the edges of the tape to the table underneath on the sides, kept my tote bag from sliding around, holding it in place for painting. Repeat step 3 to create a ‘stencil’ border/line for the design.  Using a credit card, I rubbed the Shape Tape to make sure it was nice and secure, sticking to the canvas…check closely to be sure the Shape Tape is complete adhered to the canvas.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Paint! Be careful not to lift the Shape Tape. It helps to move the paint brush from on the tape moving to the fabric rather than starting on fabric and pushing paint to the tapeline.  Remove Shape tape. Nice crisp lines!!! Let the paint dry.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Part 2 – Vinyl Stencils

Using my Silhouette designer studio software, I created name stencils as well as purchased a few Halloween shapes from the Silhouette American online store. Then sent it to cut to create vinyl stencils.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Peel away lettering and design to create a stencil. Using transfer paper, position vinyl stencil on tote, rub with a credit card and remove transfer paper – leaving the vinyl stencil in place on the canvas.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Paint and remove vinyl. Allow paint to dry 4 hours.

*Using a black Sharpie, I traced around the ghost where his white body met with the white chevron.

DIY trick-or-treat bags

Personalized and so fun! Years of use! Machine washable (inside out) after 72 hours.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. See more projects at Happy Crafters blog.


Exit Sign Door Decal

Adhesive vinyl decals are an awesome, inexpensive way to personalize your home. See how Gina of The Shabby Creek Cottage transformed a plain back door, into a a more personal exitway.

A few years ago, I decided my back door needed a fresh coat of paint and some kind of sign on it. I chose to go with black, and although I loved it, it still wasn’t quite right. The exit sign was great too but once I saw it in person, it didn’t do much for me. In the midst of another project, I came across the perfect black for my door, the kind of black I originally wanted. Yes, there are definitely different shades of black, and yes I am a tad picky. {P.S. The Valspar Pantone Jet Black is amazing!}

So, I painted the door again with my new black but I still wanted to re-do the exit sign, I just wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. I wanted something more bolder and bigger and I wanted something the represented an actual exit sign. Well, instead of rummaging through stores to find one, I made it of course! 🙂

What you’ll need for this project:

• Surface to hold vinyl (I used my door)

• Sheet of white vinyl

• Painter’s tape

• Craft knife

• Silhouette Machine

Time to complete project:

• 10 minutes or less

Once my paint job was complete and of course, dry, I used my sheet of white adhesive vinyl from Happy Crafters.. I like using a sheet versus a roll because I don’t like to spend money on more material than what I need. When I do, it ends up sitting stuffed in the bottom of a box somewhere just taking up unnecessary space. No thank you. A 12” x 24” sheet is perfect for these projects and works awesome with my large Silhouette mat. I don’t deal well with having to measure how much I need, cutting what I think will work, and then fining out I was wrong. I’m a much happier lady with these pre-cut sheets. 🙂

So, once I measured where I wanted to place my sign, I created my text on my Silhouette software (I chose Arial Black Font) and within the next 30 seconds, my vinyl was cut and ready to go.

Using my craft knife, I scored the vinyl so I could save my remaining vinyl for future uses, staying thrifty over here! Peel off the negative vinyl (the vinyl surrounding your text or graphic) leaving only the letters.

*Tip: When using transfer vinyl, I’ve found that painters tape is great in helping grab the letters for application.

Your letters will peel right off so easily!

Now the tricky part: putting the letters exactly where I want them as I pictured in my head. Once this is done, I rubbed down the letters using either a credit card or scraper so that the letters are securely adhered to the door before I remove the painters tape (be careful!). Total time: 5 minutes…seriously.

Perfect. Now I have the bold, chunky look I want and if some time down the road I say, “eh, not into this anymore,” I can just peel the vinyl off and try a new look! For an indecisive girl like me, I’d like to believe this is a win!

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Summer Crafting

It’s official! The first day of summer is upon us (Friday, June 21st) which means it’s officially time to start and FINISH your summer craft projects! And Happy Crafters is here to help.

If you’re looking for some fresh, colorful décor to brighten up the house, our adhesive vinyl does just the trick. Take that old eye-sore of a watering can and bring it to life with an eye-catching chevron design with a personalized touch. All you need is an idea and the materials – all of which you can find at Happy Crafters!

Sarah's Spout

Headed to the beach this summer? Personalize your beach bag or cooler bag. Create a trendy new look for you and your daughter with our Happy Face Iron-on Vinyl. You’ll stay organized and stylish with your own unique touch. Reuse during the school year as an over-night bag! Using a fun design like an owl pattern keeps her bag functional throughout the year.


For tailgates, picnics, graduation parties, whatever, a personalized, creative portable cooler is a must-have. Let’s be honest, we’ve all come out of the pool or the ocean and forgot where we put our stuff. Don’t be THAT person this year by making your cooler bag unique and hard to miss.


Happy Crafters is your go-to this summer for all of your craft projects. Let us know what sparks your interest on Facebook or Twitter! We love new ideas for upcoming blogs!

Start crafting smiles this summer! 🙂