DIY Holiday Deer Decal

DIY Vinyl Holiday Label Decal Tutorial

Deer lotion bottle DIY vinyl decal


• Bottle of Moisturizing Lotion

• Gold Adhesive Vinyl from Happy Crafters

• Transfer Paper


• Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter

First, remove the label from your lotion bottle.

lotion bottle decal tutorial

I purchased deer head art through my Silhouette Software and used Helvetica font for my letters. I created my design to measure about 3″ x 3″ to fit my lotion bottle. I put in my the vinyl color side up and changed the Silhouette blade settings for cutting standard vinyl and sent to ‘cut’.

cutting vinyl decals

Weed away the vinyl surrounding your desired design.

deer decal

Using transfer paper, I took my credit card and rubbed firmly onto my design to lift it off my carrier sheet.

vinyl decal label tutorial

Pull away the carrier.

vinyl decal label tutorial

Next, place your transfer paper with your decal on it onto the front of the lotion bottle and rub the design again with a a credit card. If your vinyl doesn’t want to stick to your bottle, re-apply and rub again.

lotion label decal

Peel away the transfer paper.

Vinyl lotion label decal DIY

Now you have cute guest room accessory!

Deer lotion bottle DIY vinyl decal

Or a cute little personalized DIY gift for friends or family, or maybe as a teacher gift?!

DIY gifts
*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion are my own. See more projects at Happy Crafters blog.



Personalized Halloween Treat Bags

If you haven’t had a good reason yet to revamp your kids’ trick-or-treat bags, check this project out! Roeshel of DIY Show Off shows us how to create these fun, personalized bags for trick-or-treating! Keep them around for the whole month as a school tote or sleep over bag!

DIY personalized trick or treat bags


DIY personalized trick or treat bags

• Canvas/Linen Tote Bags

• Fabric Paints

• FrogTape® Shape Tape (I used all 3 patterns: chevron, wave and scallop)

• Stencils (I created my own stencils using glossy black vinyl and transfer paper from Happy Crafters)

Tutorial: Part 1 – Shape Tape

Iron the tote bags to remove wrinkles. Insert cardboard into the tote bag (to block bleed-through to the other side). Cut a piece of FrogTape Shape tape a little wider than the bag. Decide placement. Remove half of the strip of wax paper backing from the Shape Tape. Position and press into place. Remove the other half of the wax paper backing and smooth into place. I found that securing the edges of the tape to the table underneath on the sides, kept my tote bag from sliding around, holding it in place for painting. Repeat step 3 to create a ‘stencil’ border/line for the design.  Using a credit card, I rubbed the Shape Tape to make sure it was nice and secure, sticking to the canvas…check closely to be sure the Shape Tape is complete adhered to the canvas.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Paint! Be careful not to lift the Shape Tape. It helps to move the paint brush from on the tape moving to the fabric rather than starting on fabric and pushing paint to the tapeline.  Remove Shape tape. Nice crisp lines!!! Let the paint dry.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Part 2 – Vinyl Stencils

Using my Silhouette designer studio software, I created name stencils as well as purchased a few Halloween shapes from the Silhouette American online store. Then sent it to cut to create vinyl stencils.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Peel away lettering and design to create a stencil. Using transfer paper, position vinyl stencil on tote, rub with a credit card and remove transfer paper – leaving the vinyl stencil in place on the canvas.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

Paint and remove vinyl. Allow paint to dry 4 hours.

*Using a black Sharpie, I traced around the ghost where his white body met with the white chevron.

DIY trick-or-treat bags

Personalized and so fun! Years of use! Machine washable (inside out) after 72 hours.

DIY personalized trick or treat bags

*This post is sponsored by Happy Crafters. Tutorial, experience and opinion is my own. See more projects at Happy Crafters blog.


One Sheet – Endless Possibilities

In order to follow through with our Make Something On Us campaign, you actually need to “make something” right? Well if you’re like most happy crafters, you might be thinking there are so many possibilities, so where do I start? Where can I get ideas? What day is it?! To get your hamster back on its wheel, here are a few more creative ideas we’ve seen crafters from all over creating with black iron-on vinyl.

Laundry Bag
This one’s for all the city folk and college kids out there who take their laundry on-the-go. Reenergize your stinky, plain jane laundry bag with some fresh iron-on vinyl. We sell lots of different colors people (other than black) and we know how creative our crafters can be. So take this idea and make it your own!

Guys, we know crafting isn’t just for the ladies. Bust out your crafting skills and your culinary skills, and create your own personalized cooking apron. Create your design and use our Happy Face Vinyl to showcase your skills.

We want to make sure our customers have the ideas flowing. If you are still searching for something just right for your project, check our our Facebook Page or Pinterest Boards for even more great ideas.

Father’s Day – Show Your Love!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be making sure you have everything checked off on your list: gifts, card, wrapping paper/gift bag, and…what else? At Happy Crafters, we want to make sure you are extra prepared for the best Father’s Day ever.

Whatever your plans are, our materials can make dad’s day even more special by giving you that extra flare to make him say, “Wow!” That extra flare isn’t something you can find on a store shelf but rather something you actually make yourself.

If you’re making the standard father’s day breakfast feast or maybe you’ll be serving him breakfast in bed, add that special touch by personalizing his breakfast tray or coffee mug using either glossy or patterned adhesive vinyl.

Let’s be honest, our dad’s deserve more than gifts and breakfast, they deserve a full day of love and appreciation. Make dad’s day a full day event! After breakfast, bring him downstairs and show off your awesome decorating skills. Create a unique banner to hang across the fireplace or even along a plain wall using our matte vinyl. Display dad’s gifts and handmade card beneath and give dad his own special display. Better yet, if you’re planning an outdoor barbeque party for dad, hang his banner outside! Surprise him when he goes to fire up the grill!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to express the way we love our dad’s but that’s the thing about dad’s, they love us no matter what, especially when they see all the love we put into making their day super special. Show all of your love this year – get creative and make something awesome!

Find more inspiration on our Happy Crafters Pinterest page!

Homemade vs Premade – What’s Better?

P&C Tote on blue

You know when you were a kid; parents and teachers told you that a handmade gift is the best gift anyone could get. There was nothing better than the built anticipation and excitement you felt as you watched someone reveal a gift you’d been working on for weeks. This feeling, “the kid” in all of us, is alive and well at Happy Crafters. We are constantly finding new ideas for gifts, for yourself, your home, your patio, whatever room needs a touch of inspiration – made by you. But for those who have craft-mares about having the ability to create exactly what you want (hey, we’ve all been there), how do you know buying what you want is better? Do you rest easy and hope that new lamp being shipped is just right, or do you take the chance and actually make a lamp that you know will rock the living room?

Option I: Premade (aka store-bought)

There’s nothing wrong with buying a gift for your sister’s birthday or spending boocoo bucks on new accent pillows for the family room. Sometimes, it’s the simpler option. Let’s breakdown the process here and for subject-sake we’ll stick with online shopping.

Step 1: You find the perfect pillow (or whatever). It matches the living room, the material looks comfortable and it adds that little bit of urban decor you’ve been searching for.

Step 2: You walk through 20 checkout steps till finally, Confirmation page – Pillows bought. Success.

Step 3: You wait. 3, 4, 5, 6, maybe even 7 days and just when you’re about to call, they arrive.

Step 4: You rip open the box, snatch up your pillows, and arrange them strategically on the couch. Ew. These look nothing like the picture and look even worse on your couch. What now? Do you spend more money in returning them, packaging them up again, and waiting a week or so until the money is credited back to your account?

Okay so this doesn’t always work out this way but for the most part, product pictures are designed to look pretty on the site (durr, so you want to buy it) and sometimes when you actually see it in person; it looks nothing like the picture. Instead of returning it, keep it but try this…

Option II: Homemade (aka made by you)

Go to (you knew this was coming). We have a huge selection of iron-on vinyl and fabric ink, fabric ink kits, and vinyl cutters – all of which will help fix your couch pillow crisis.

Step 1: Browse through our site. Look at our Iron-On Vinyl (just design, cut, and transfer using an iron) and our Fabric Ink (ink and accessories, stencil vinyl, and vinyl cutter is all ya need).

Step 2: Find the best fit, personally we like both options, and check out.

Step 3: Now…wait. We are pretty sure you won’t be waiting 6 or 7 business days but 3 – 5 is our standard.

Step 4: Receive your new materials and get to crafting! Browse the internet for designs and create it. You can cut the design straight from your vinyl cutter and physically see (in real life) what your purchase will look like.

Now the best part about all of this is, guess what? If you don’t like the first design, just create another one! Or if your satisfied, keep your extra materials and find something else in the house you think needs a new look. Our products aren’t a one and done project. Make endless creations with just one purchase!

Needless to say, there’s really no right or wrong answer. Each project is different and requires specific items or materials. All we’re saying is throw your fears away about crafting and try it. The crafting community is growing; don’t get left behind and start crafting smiles today!