Iron-On Vinyl – Quote Pillow

Making your own decorative pillow doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. See how Gina of The Shabby Creek Cottage makes her very own quote pillow using iron-on vinyl from Happy Crafters.

Quote pillows are so simple to make and can add just the right touch of personality to any space. With only a few supplies with only a few minutes, you can have your own trendy quote pillow.

You will need:

• Flock Iron On (but you could totally use the FREE sheet of iron on vinyl from my friends at Happy Crafters)
Silhouette or other craft cutter machine

• Hook Tool

• Pillow Cover (either buy one or make one yourself with my easy pillow cover tutorial.)

Time Needed: Under an hour

First step, load up your vinyl cutter machine with the heat transfer vinyl of your liking (I only needed about 1/2 a sheet).

Then, using your Silhouette software, lay out your words to the correct size and choose the “mirror” option. The reverse print is needed for heat transfers. Then hit “cut” and cut out using your machine.

After your letters are cut, use the hook tool to help peel away the excess material around your design, so you get a clean cut and don’t heat transfer the extra vinyl.

Flocking material takes a little work to get it all out due to such a thick film, but work patiently, it’ll all come off the backing material eventually!

After you get the image the way you want, place it face down onto the pillow cover and iron right over the backing material. Don’t worry, it won’t melt it but if you want, cover it with an old piece of scrap fabric, just in case. Flock material does take a lot longer than you think, though – so keep ironing for a few minutes. If you check and it still peels up the lettering, just place it back down and keep on ironing with good, even pressure.

When it’s ready, the clear sheet should peel right off without difficulty, leaving your letters perfectly in place.

Finally, put your pillow insert in and you’re done! Quote pillows are so easy to make, and they’re even perfect for holiday decoration!


Iron On Vinyl Heart Onesie Tutorial

gold heart top

I LOVE crafting for new my baby girl! Its just so much fun and I’m kind of obsessed with my latest little girl craft: a gold heart onesie! It turned out better than I imagined. As soon as it was done, I shared this picture on Instagram. I am loving all things metallic right now, especially gold! So of course I went with a gold heart for my sweet baby girl. I also paired this with her arrow leggings; so cute!

Now adding a simple heart or any decal to a shirt is super easy with your Silhouette vinyl cutter. {no sewing required!!} All you need is some Iron On Vinyl {I got mine from Happy Crafters. They carry several brands of Iron On and Adhesive Vinyl, so there is tons of colors/finishes to pick from!}, Silhouette Hook Tool, Standard Iron, and Scrap Fabric.

How to use Silhouette Heat Transfer

For this craft, I used my Silhouette Portrait to cut my heat design into my gold vinyl.


1. Design your decal in the Silhouette Studio software and be sure that it is a vector art.

2. Load your Heat Transfer Vinyl into your Silhouette vinyl cutter without a cutting mat with the plastic side DOWN. (this is so that the sticky carrier attaches to your garment when ironing on)

3. Then, cut your shape out using the Heat Transfer setting.

how to use heat transfer

4. Weed away the excess material from around your decal.

5. Place the decal onto your shirt with the plastic side UP this time (sticky side down). Place a piece of scrap fabric over the top and press firmly with your iron for 45-60 seconds. My iron was set to the second hottest cotton setting and it took 45 seconds exactly. {see tips below}

*TIPS: Press very firmly with your iron. I like to add a towel or several layers of fabric underneath the shirt to prevent the metal bars in my ironing board to make an appearance on my hear transfer. The thicker your fabric the more firm you need to press to ensure equal heat across your design.

**IMPORTANT TIP: Make sure you use a timer so you can keep track of exact seconds. I typically use the stopwatch feature on my phone.

***How to Tell if the Heat Transfer is “Done” TIP: If done correctly, the heat transfer will appear to almost melt into the fabric. If it looks like it is merely “sitting” or “resting” on top of the fabric, or if you can see the edges curling or pulling up when removing the carrier, you need to iron longer. If your heat transfer material is shiny and splotchy, you have ironed it for too long and probably have burned it. 😦

silhouette heat transfer

6. Allow to cool for just a few seconds and then remove the clear plastic carrier from your design. {Caution! it might still be hot so be careful not to burn your fingers!}

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Iron On Vinyl Golf Gift

OH! IO! As much as it kills me to do this project considering I bleed blue and white for dear Old State…WE ARE! It does make me happy knowing my grandpa, who will be turning 80 years young will just LOVE it. As the Penn State black sheep of my deeply rooted Ohio State Buckeye family, I decided to make something for my grandpa incorporating his two favorite things in the world, OSU and golfing.

What you’ll need for this project:

– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Red
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Metallic Silver
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – White
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Green
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Brown
– Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter
– Hook Tool
– Piece of Fabric (for iron on application)
– Cotton Golf Towel

Project Time: 25 minutes

To begin, I researched the graphics I wanted to use. Vectorized them using Adobe® Illustrator and converted them to a DXF file so that I can open it using my Silhouette Software.

For iron on graphics, you have to be sure to mirror your images. The reason for this is because the smooth un-sticky side of your carrier will need to be facing upward toward your iron – this keeps the sticky side downward so your image will remain secure on your garment and also acts as a heat protector when ironing. Once everything is sized and mirrored to my liking, I send my graphics to my Silhouette Cameo® and hit, “cut”.

Using my Silhouette hook tool, I cut out my graphic and weed the excess material from my design.

I used a loose piece of fabric from an old sheet to buffer the heat over top of my application. This helps from melting my carrier and it sticking to my iron. Not fun.


After my first color application is a little bit cool, I then apply my “O” colors. Once these are semi-cooled, I then apply my buckeye and buckeye leaves.

And there she is in all her red, white and silver glory! Let’s just keep this between us…if my fellow alumni knew I was participating in this activity, I might be shunned from the next tailgate. 😉

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DIY Bridal Shower Decoration

I’m absolutely in love with rusic, country themed weddings. I plan on having one myself one day in fact! As the bridal shower planner for my friend’s wedding, I wanted to make her something she and her husband could cherish forever in memory of their wedding.


What you’ll need for this project:

• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal Glossy Adhesive Vinyl – Black
• (2) 12” x 15” Sheets of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Antique Gold Metallic
• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter
• Silhouette Hook Tool
• Transfer Tape
• Rubber Scraper
• Galvanized Tub
• Painter Drop Cloth
• Burlap Sack
• Roll of Lace
• Roll of Twine
• Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Project Time: 45 minutes – 2 hours

I first started with the galvanized tub and matching bride and groom signs.


 All you need for these is your black adhesive vinyl and transfer tape. First I found a font I liked through my Silhouette Software and sent it to my Silhouette Cameo®.

  I then used my transfer tape to move my text to my signs and tub and signs, and smoothed out with a rubber scraper.


Next, my triangle banner. I used painter’s drop cloth, a roll of twine, a small roll of lace, and a 99 cent burlap sack, all of which can be found at your local craft store.


After I found my text and designs I wanted to use, I made sure I mirrored  them before I cut them out. The reason for this is so that when you apply your design it is applied upside down. This is so that your carrier faces upward for protecting your design when heat pressing.


Using my hook tool, I weeded the excess vinyl surrounding my letters and designs, leaving only what I want to be heat applied.

I take a hot iron and a piece of fabric, and press down firmly onto my design for about 10 seconds. Then I take a hot glue gun to attach my burlap sack and lace to the top of my triangle. Okay! One down, only 15 more to go!


I repeat these steps until each triangle piece is completed.

I then place my twine on the backside of the triangle (blank side) leaving about a half an inch of space remaining at the top. Fold over that piece over the twine, and press onto the glue so that it forms a closure around my twine.


I do this all the way down my twine and let it dry.

My bride loved her banner and tub and the party was a success!

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NFL Kick-Off Crafts

HERE. WE. GO. School is back in session, summer is over, and Football Season has officially begun! If you’re planning an awesome rally party at your house this year to kick-off the season opener for your favorite team, check out some ideas we’ve come up with to help you be the hostest with the mostest.

Iron On Chair Graphics:

If you’re planning to take your party outside, you have to keep the theme going! Using our Happy Face Iron On Vinyl available in over 60 colors, create your own personalized tailgate chair. All you need is your vinyl, a cover sheet, weeder, and home iron to create this same project. Make sure everyone knows which side you’re cheering for and tailgate with pride. 

Wine Glass and Beer Stein Decals:


It’s hard to handle in-house rivalries, especially when you’re team loses. But with a fancy glass like these, you can drink your sorrows away with team spirit. We carry over 30 color options, two finishes, and both large and small sizes, you are sure to find the exact color match for your team. Use our OraCal Adhesive Vinyl on glasses, mugs, bowls, walls, tables, chairs, practically anything with a smooth, hard surface will work. All you need for the application is your vinyl choice, a vinyl cutter like our Silhouette Cameo®, transfer paper, and a squeegee. Be sure to use a vector art graphic when designing so that your image will cut easily.

DIY Food Bowl Decals:

Even if you aren’t a Ravens fan, you can’t deny this is totally something you wish you had. Stop wishing, start crafting. All it takes to make these decorative snack bowls is our OraCal Adhesive Vinyl and a vinyl cutter. Find a vector of your team’s logo or create fun text for your team using your Silhouette Software, and cut. Pair it with your team’s colors and you’ll be scoring serious brownie points with your guests.

House Décor:

We’ve saved the best for last. There’s no fan out there like a Steelers fan and if you’ve ever been to Blitzburgh, you know black and gold veins run deep. Show off your team pride for not only your guests, but your whole neighborhood. All it takes to create this look is some OraCal Adhesive Vinyl with a permanent adhesive backing and your Silhouette Cameo® vinyl cutter. Create your design, cut, and be sure your very own “steel curtain”! Fans and guests alike will love it and totally want one of their own. So start waving those terrible towels, and HERE WE GO STEELERS!

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DIY Lake House Sign

With such a crazy busy summer behind us, my boyfriend and I thought we spend our Labor Day weekend up at Deep Creek Lake for some much needed R&R. Thankfully, his grandma owns a beautiful, lake-front condo for us to use just for these types of occasions! J As a way to say thank you, I decided to make her a personal greeting for her lake house guests.


• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal 651 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl – King Blue

• Transfer Tape

• Wooden Sign

• Power Drill with A Medium to Large Drill Bit

• Chiffon Ribbon (for hanging)

• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter

Project Time:
 20 minutes

Before we get started with our vinyl, let’s get the heavy duty steps out of the way. Grab your power drill and insert your drill bit. Slowly and carefully, push your bit into one of corner of your sign and continue until a small but easily threadable hole is created. Repeat this step on the opposite corner.

Give it a good blow or brush the dust off and boom! Two perfect holes to thread your ribbon through for hanging your sign.

Next, find the designs you want to use. I chose big bold text and a canoe paddle. I then edited these in my Silhouette Software to fit the size of my sign.

Next, send your designs to your Silhouette and cut. Using transfer tape, press firmly onto your cut designs, making sure to keep them aligned and apply to your sign. I put on some light pencil lines to help me stay centered.

Grab a credit card or squeegee and firmly scrape along the top to ensure your vinyl creates a strong seal onto your surface and peel transfer tape off.

Repeat this for all of your text and your caneo paddle – be creative! Use different sized text, letters, or maybe different types of font to make your sign completely your own.

This pairs perfectly with her blue color scheme! Hope she loves it!

Try creating your own personal sign for your home or as a gift using ideas on our Pinterest boards. Check back each week for new tutorials or see or updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Back To School Teacher Gift

As another summer comes to a close, I start seeing all my friends heading back to college, parents taking their kids back to school shopping, and family and friends start gearing up for another year of teaching, and it makes me kind of nostalgic. Seeing as I don’t have any kids (yet) and I’m a 3-year post college graduate in a successful, wonderful career (which is not teaching), I’m bummed I can’t participate in this exciting time of the year! So, I decided to create the perfect gift for one of my best friend’s returning back to another year of school – a personalized teacher gift! As my friend enters her third year of school specializing in Elementary Education, she will now begin her student teaching this year. And I don’t want my friend to blend in with her peers; I want her students to know who she is, loudly and proudly!


• Thermal Travel Mug

• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal 651 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl  – Orange

• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal 651 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl – Black

• Transfer Tape/Painters Tape

• Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Cutter

Project Time: 15 minutes

To begin, I found a cute, bow vector online just by searching Google. She’s a sweet girly-girl so she’ll love the bow. Laughing Next, I found a bold font to match. I send my designs to my Silhouette and click “cut my design” using my Silhouette Software.



I decided to go with a travel mug because between juggling a part-time job, being a starting soccer player for her college team, her full-time class schedule, and commuting home to visit her boyfriend in the little spare time she has, she’s going to need some serious caffeine!

Once my designs are cut, using my painters tape I press firmly on my cut vinyl and peel away leaving only the text I want.

Then, I apply my text to my mug and smooth out with a credit card. Slowly pull away the tape and you have a perfectly straight text line. With two-color applications, I would suggest using transfer tape. It’s easier to see through to your first color so you can make a more precise application. I kind of wung it with this one but not too shabby, aye?


I follow these same steps for the bow on the opposite side of the mug.

Even though I like this, I feel like it’s missing something. I grab a circle design and make some small and large polka dots! Next I apply them in between my text and my bow.


Yay! I think it turned out pretty good! I might buy some pretty ribbon to tie around the top as an added embellishment. A gift just isn’t a gift without being wrapped or without a bow.

She will definitely be the coolest student teacher of the bunch! Laughing

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