Iron On Vinyl Golf Gift

OH! IO! As much as it kills me to do this project considering I bleed blue and white for dear Old State…WE ARE! It does make me happy knowing my grandpa, who will be turning 80 years young will just LOVE it. As the Penn State black sheep of my deeply rooted Ohio State Buckeye family, I decided to make something for my grandpa incorporating his two favorite things in the world, OSU and golfing.

What you’ll need for this project:

– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Red
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Metallic Silver
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – White
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Green
– 12” x 15” sheet of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Brown
– Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter
– Hook Tool
– Piece of Fabric (for iron on application)
– Cotton Golf Towel

Project Time: 25 minutes

To begin, I researched the graphics I wanted to use. Vectorized them using Adobe® Illustrator and converted them to a DXF file so that I can open it using my Silhouette Software.

For iron on graphics, you have to be sure to mirror your images. The reason for this is because the smooth un-sticky side of your carrier will need to be facing upward toward your iron – this keeps the sticky side downward so your image will remain secure on your garment and also acts as a heat protector when ironing. Once everything is sized and mirrored to my liking, I send my graphics to my Silhouette Cameo® and hit, “cut”.

Using my Silhouette hook tool, I cut out my graphic and weed the excess material from my design.

I used a loose piece of fabric from an old sheet to buffer the heat over top of my application. This helps from melting my carrier and it sticking to my iron. Not fun.


After my first color application is a little bit cool, I then apply my “O” colors. Once these are semi-cooled, I then apply my buckeye and buckeye leaves.

And there she is in all her red, white and silver glory! Let’s just keep this between us…if my fellow alumni knew I was participating in this activity, I might be shunned from the next tailgate. 😉

Be sure to see all of our project ideas here on our Happy Crafters Blog, or check out our Facebook and Pinterest pages for more inspiration!


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