DIY Bridal Shower Decoration

I’m absolutely in love with rusic, country themed weddings. I plan on having one myself one day in fact! As the bridal shower planner for my friend’s wedding, I wanted to make her something she and her husband could cherish forever in memory of their wedding.


What you’ll need for this project:

• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal Glossy Adhesive Vinyl – Black
• (2) 12” x 15” Sheets of Happy Face Iron On Vinyl – Antique Gold Metallic
• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter
• Silhouette Hook Tool
• Transfer Tape
• Rubber Scraper
• Galvanized Tub
• Painter Drop Cloth
• Burlap Sack
• Roll of Lace
• Roll of Twine
• Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Project Time: 45 minutes – 2 hours

I first started with the galvanized tub and matching bride and groom signs.


 All you need for these is your black adhesive vinyl and transfer tape. First I found a font I liked through my Silhouette Software and sent it to my Silhouette Cameo®.

  I then used my transfer tape to move my text to my signs and tub and signs, and smoothed out with a rubber scraper.


Next, my triangle banner. I used painter’s drop cloth, a roll of twine, a small roll of lace, and a 99 cent burlap sack, all of which can be found at your local craft store.


After I found my text and designs I wanted to use, I made sure I mirrored  them before I cut them out. The reason for this is so that when you apply your design it is applied upside down. This is so that your carrier faces upward for protecting your design when heat pressing.


Using my hook tool, I weeded the excess vinyl surrounding my letters and designs, leaving only what I want to be heat applied.

I take a hot iron and a piece of fabric, and press down firmly onto my design for about 10 seconds. Then I take a hot glue gun to attach my burlap sack and lace to the top of my triangle. Okay! One down, only 15 more to go!


I repeat these steps until each triangle piece is completed.

I then place my twine on the backside of the triangle (blank side) leaving about a half an inch of space remaining at the top. Fold over that piece over the twine, and press onto the glue so that it forms a closure around my twine.


I do this all the way down my twine and let it dry.

My bride loved her banner and tub and the party was a success!

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