DIY Lake House Sign

With such a crazy busy summer behind us, my boyfriend and I thought we spend our Labor Day weekend up at Deep Creek Lake for some much needed R&R. Thankfully, his grandma owns a beautiful, lake-front condo for us to use just for these types of occasions! J As a way to say thank you, I decided to make her a personal greeting for her lake house guests.


• 12” x 12” Sheet of OraCal 651 Glossy Adhesive Vinyl – King Blue

• Transfer Tape

• Wooden Sign

• Power Drill with A Medium to Large Drill Bit

• Chiffon Ribbon (for hanging)

• Silhouette Cameo® Vinyl Cutter

Project Time:
 20 minutes

Before we get started with our vinyl, let’s get the heavy duty steps out of the way. Grab your power drill and insert your drill bit. Slowly and carefully, push your bit into one of corner of your sign and continue until a small but easily threadable hole is created. Repeat this step on the opposite corner.

Give it a good blow or brush the dust off and boom! Two perfect holes to thread your ribbon through for hanging your sign.

Next, find the designs you want to use. I chose big bold text and a canoe paddle. I then edited these in my Silhouette Software to fit the size of my sign.

Next, send your designs to your Silhouette and cut. Using transfer tape, press firmly onto your cut designs, making sure to keep them aligned and apply to your sign. I put on some light pencil lines to help me stay centered.

Grab a credit card or squeegee and firmly scrape along the top to ensure your vinyl creates a strong seal onto your surface and peel transfer tape off.

Repeat this for all of your text and your caneo paddle – be creative! Use different sized text, letters, or maybe different types of font to make your sign completely your own.

This pairs perfectly with her blue color scheme! Hope she loves it!

Try creating your own personal sign for your home or as a gift using ideas on our Pinterest boards. Check back each week for new tutorials or see or updates on Facebook and Twitter.


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