First Sheet Free – Now What?

Okay so you took all the right steps. You saw our First Sheet Free ad or our Facebook post or the banner on our site and clicked on your “free sheet”. You added it to your cart, and it has arrived…so now what? If you’re a first time iron-on vinyl user, you might have trouble inspiring the creative “you”. If that’s the case, check out some ideas below that other crafty customers are working on.

No matter what your home décor, black monograms are a hit by far. Use your black vinyl on pillows, canvas frames, blankets, or even a fuzzy robe! Pillows are our personal favorite. They can be combined with practically any theme in practically any room. Throw them on your bed for a personalized, classic look or stick them in with your couch pillows and watch house guests ponder over how awesome you are when you tell them you made it yourself!

It seems like you can’t go on any social media site without at least one mustache idea popping up! They’re everywhere! Lucky for you, you have your very own black iron-on vinyl so you can create your very own mustache design. Put your black vinyl to use and customize a onesie yourself with this mustache idea!

Pup Personalization
If you are a pet owner with multiples, you know how demanding our pet’s needs are. The right collar, the right dog food, the right side of the bed.  Personalize your pet’s favorite spot so that there is no more confusion over who belongs where! Especially if you’re traveling out of town or having a pet sitter come over. Keep your pet’s accessories organized and simplified.

For more ideas you can check out our Pinterest boards – HappyCrafters1. Keep checking back for more ideas on our blog each week!


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