First Sheet Free!

We are so happy about the launch of our new site,, that we wanted to give you your first sheet, free! We are offering a 9” x 12” sheet of our Happy Face Iron-on Vinyl totally free. The process is simple:

Step 1:
 Click on the “Free Sheet!” button located on our banner at the top of our Happy Crafters home page, or follow this link.

Step 2: Submit your shipping information and what kind of cutter you used.

Step 3: Receive your first sheet of Happy Face Iron-on Vinyl in the mail free of charge!

This couldn’t be any simpler. The hard part will be trying to figure out what to create first! With iron-on vinyl, there are endless options. Pillows, apparel, blankets, accessories, pretty much any kind of cotton, polyester, or cotton/polyester blend materials will work. Find a design you’ve been dying to showcase in your house, cut it out using your personal vinyl cutter, and apply using a hot iron. Easy.

Need more help on how to apply your iron-on vinyl? See below for detailed instructions:

If you’re still searching for ideas, you can always look through our Pinterest boardsFacebook page or our Happy Crafters blog to find the right spark of inspiration for your free sheet of vinyl.  But hurry, offer is only good while supplies last! Be sure you get your free sheet!


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