Iron-On Vinyl Onesie

Project Materials:

For all of those curious little one’s out there, we’ve created the perfect iron-on vinyl onesie!

Okay, time to get started! First you will need to create your design. We used the Curious George theme for this project but any designs will work using the same process and materials.

SAM_0492    SAM_0493

Once your design is created as you like it, be sure to mirror the image! This way when your design prints, it will be reflected the correct way on your materials. Once you have your design, it has been mirrored, click “cut”. Remember, different vinyl types deserve different cut pressures so it’s important to know if you need to adjust your blade accordingly or if you need to support your vinyl with the cutting mat.


After your design is cut, take a pair of scissors and cut out a small section. Take your hook and remove the access material surrounding your design. All that should be left is the design itself.


Next, time to fire up your iron and get to pressing! Place your design (vinyl side down) where you wish it to go, cover with your transfer paper, and apply your hot iron with a little bit of umpf behind it. Press forcefully for at least 10-30 seconds.

SAM_0505   SAM_0502   SAM_0512

For this application, we chose to do a multicolor design so re-apply your second color to the design you first applied. Since we used the Happy Face Iron-on Vinyl in Red Bling, we need to make sure we cool the vinyl before peeling the plastic backing off the material. If you remove while it’s still hot or warm, it may tear your design.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention we did some designs on the back too! Same process applies. Create the design, cut it out, weed excess materials, and apply to material with hot iron.

SAM_0521   SAM_0515-cropped

Your iron-on vinyl project is now complete and ready for use!

photo1-1   photo3


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