Summer Crafting

It’s official! The first day of summer is upon us (Friday, June 21st) which means it’s officially time to start and FINISH your summer craft projects! And Happy Crafters is here to help.

If you’re looking for some fresh, colorful décor to brighten up the house, our adhesive vinyl does just the trick. Take that old eye-sore of a watering can and bring it to life with an eye-catching chevron design with a personalized touch. All you need is an idea and the materials – all of which you can find at Happy Crafters!

Sarah's Spout

Headed to the beach this summer? Personalize your beach bag or cooler bag. Create a trendy new look for you and your daughter with our Happy Face Iron-on Vinyl. You’ll stay organized and stylish with your own unique touch. Reuse during the school year as an over-night bag! Using a fun design like an owl pattern keeps her bag functional throughout the year.


For tailgates, picnics, graduation parties, whatever, a personalized, creative portable cooler is a must-have. Let’s be honest, we’ve all come out of the pool or the ocean and forgot where we put our stuff. Don’t be THAT person this year by making your cooler bag unique and hard to miss.


Happy Crafters is your go-to this summer for all of your craft projects. Let us know what sparks your interest on Facebook or Twitter! We love new ideas for upcoming blogs!

Start crafting smiles this summer! 🙂


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