Father’s Day – Show Your Love!

With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might be making sure you have everything checked off on your list: gifts, card, wrapping paper/gift bag, and…what else? At Happy Crafters, we want to make sure you are extra prepared for the best Father’s Day ever.

Whatever your plans are, our materials can make dad’s day even more special by giving you that extra flare to make him say, “Wow!” That extra flare isn’t something you can find on a store shelf but rather something you actually make yourself.

If you’re making the standard father’s day breakfast feast or maybe you’ll be serving him breakfast in bed, add that special touch by personalizing his breakfast tray or coffee mug using either glossy or patterned adhesive vinyl.

Let’s be honest, our dad’s deserve more than gifts and breakfast, they deserve a full day of love and appreciation. Make dad’s day a full day event! After breakfast, bring him downstairs and show off your awesome decorating skills. Create a unique banner to hang across the fireplace or even along a plain wall using our matte vinyl. Display dad’s gifts and handmade card beneath and give dad his own special display. Better yet, if you’re planning an outdoor barbeque party for dad, hang his banner outside! Surprise him when he goes to fire up the grill!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right way to express the way we love our dad’s but that’s the thing about dad’s, they love us no matter what, especially when they see all the love we put into making their day super special. Show all of your love this year – get creative and make something awesome!

Find more inspiration on our Happy Crafters Pinterest page!


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